Saturday, May 24, 2008

Andrea and Jordan's Wedding Reception

Jordan and Andrea

Last night our family went to a wedding reception for a girl that I used to babysit for. She looked so pretty and he looked really handsome. Jordan's mom is so sweet. I met her in the temple and she was so sweet

I had a lot of fun being able to see them. Their oldest sister Kristy has a daughter Kailey that is only one year older than my Kaeleigh. She is so cute. She looks like her mom. Kailey has three brothers that are really cute also.

Melanie another sister has one little boy named Joshua. He is such a cutie. He has the biggest brown eyes.

Jared has one little boy that is 8 months old I think. He is really cute. I didn't get to visit with them much.

Melissa is another sibling and Saydee asked her where her kids were. She told her she doesn't have any. Saydee then asked her why. I told her because she isn't married. She asked Saydee if she would help her find a guy. Saydee told her no.

Well here are some pictures of the wedding. I hope you enjoy them.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kaeleigh's Field Trip

Kaeleigh pointing out to Salt Lake City on the map

Yesterday I went on a Field Trip with Kaeleigh to the Clark Planetarium with her 3rd grade class. It is really cool inside. It shows a moon, planets, real rocks from Mars, a place where they can act like they are on the news showing the weather, and how stars are formed. It was a really interesting place.

We saw a 3d movie that was called Sea Monsters. In this movie they showed Dinosaurs that lived in the Ocean, and how they found their bones. It was really interesting. I have never seen a 3d movie so It was really neat. You felt as if you were in it.

So anyway here are some pictures of Kaeleigh and some of her friends at the Clark Planetarium.

Some of Kaeleigh's friends
L-R Aubrey, Kaeleigh, and Makylee

Kaeleigh and one of her good friends Kelsey

Kaeleigh and 2 more of her friends
L-R Kaeleigh, Kenzi, and Nicole

Ashlynne learns to cook

The other night I asked Ashlynne to help me cook dinner. I told her I wanted her to learn so that she would know how when she got older. She basically told me she didn't want to learn. I then asked her what she would do once she was out of the house? Who would cook for her? Her response was that she would go out to eat. I then told her well after all of your money is gone from eating out then what will you do? She then told me she would go to her neighbors house to eat. What a nut! Needless to say I got her to help me cook. So here are some pictures of her helping with dinner.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Beds

Ashlynne and Saydee got new bunk beds, and Saydee wanted to help her daddy put them together. She was so excited and cute. Here are a few pics of her helping Anthony put the bed together.

Saydee was having fun helping her daddy
Saydee was having fun putting her bed together with her daddy

Friday, May 16, 2008

Car Wash

A few weeks ago we had my sister Natasha and her family over for dinner, while we were waiting for dinner to finish cooking the kids decided that they were going to help and wash Uncle Sean's car for him. They had so much fun and then Saydee decided that her car needed to be washed as well. Needless to say Uncle Sean was quite happy seeing as how his car was really dirty and needed a bath. Here are a few pics of the kids washing the car.
Look at all the fun they were having
I told you it needed a bath
What a nut
Saydee was trying to get Keara and everyone else wet. She thought it was fun.
Saydee washing her car