Thursday, January 3, 2008

Saydee as a Princess

The other day Saydee told her daddy that she was a princess and that he was her maid. We both just started laughing so hard. She is such a character. She is a lot more work than the other two were at her age. She loves her cheerleader doll that she got for Christmas along with her doll that crys. We all get sick of hearing the dolls but she loves them so that is all that matters. She will start sunbeams on Sunday and his getting excited to be able to go to primary. She cried when her sisters went up to go and sing and she couldn't go up.

Kaeleigh is now in 3rd grade and loves it. There are 3 Kaeleigh's in her class. All spelt different. So she has to go by Kaeleigh G. She is one of the tallest in her class. She keeps seeing every day if she is as tall as me. She is almost there. She will be taller than me or as tall as me when she is in the 4th grade. She aleady wears the same size shoe as me.

Ashlynne is now eight and in the 2nd grade. She loves her teacher and is a miss social butterfly. Her teacher told us that if she would listen in class maybe she would know what was going on. She is getting excited to get baptized in Febuary. She could be baptized in January, but we decided to wait until Febuary.

We hope that you all have a happy new year and we will keep you posted on our lives.