Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ashlynne gets Top Dog at school

  So Ashlynne got Top Dog at her school.  Top Dog is when the student excells in things in the classroom.   It is a quartley thing that the school does.  She got to eat breakfast at the school with their family, and the principal says a few things.  Saydee was sick so I told her she could choose her dad or I since Saydee would not be able to go.   So she decided to take her dad.  

   We are so proud of Ashlynne and her accomplishment.   Keep up the good work Ashlynne.


Tricia said...

Way to go Ashlynne. That is so cool. Good work I am glad for you. I love you. Love Aunt Tricia

Lori said...

Hi Ellen,
It's Lori Gresko Thompson here. :) I also have a blog at
My daughter Lainey has one at Tamara is my only sister with one but lots of my Gresko cousins have them. Kris, Heather, (John Gresko's kids) and Tara & Tiffany (Celia my Dad's twin sisters kids) all have links on my blog. Hope all is well and I look forward to catching up on your old posts! :)

Pugslvr said...

Hi Ellen,
I'm glad we found your blog. It's so nice to see your family, glad you're all doing well.
Tami Gresko